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Does Online Language Learning Work for Businesses?

26 October 2012 by EF Education First

A company no longer needs to be a multinational giant to do business internationally; whether they sell their goods or services to foreign clients or outsource parts of their operations to cut costs, modern technology makes it easy and affordable.

However, cross-border operations and exchanges create a host of new problems for a business to address, not the least of which is how to communicate with foreign colleagues and clients.

In the realm of training times are changing. The traditional classroom setup, long considered the most effective way to learn, is increasingly giving way to online or e-learning, where students learn individually on their own computer.

This paper takes a look at the evidence for the efficacy of online compared to face-to-face learning in relation to language training for businesses. It includes research that has been carried out in this area, as well as the views of professional educators, business and HR managers and the students themselves.

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  • Does Online Language Learning Work for Businesses?