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Transpromo – Maximising the Value of Customer Communications

07 October 2008 by RR Donnelley Global Document Solutions

To succeed in increasingly competitive markets, organisations are seeking to maximise the value of their customers and lower their operating costs. To meet these two objectives, companies need to enhance their marketing capabilities to support cross-selling strategies, whilst at the same time lowering the cost of customer communications. In many instances these two aims can conflict.

Over the last few years, organisations have begun to realise the benefits of adopting a Transpromo strategy, whereby marketing communication messages, which traditionally would have been distributed via direct marketing campaigns, are now being incorporated onto transactional communications, such as statements or bills. This strategy allows separate direct marketing activities to be stopped and therefore, results in significant savings. It also means that key marketing messages can be delivered via a medium that delivers a much higher response and retention rate than traditional direct mail, namely a transactional document.

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