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Self-Service Meets Web 2.0: Serving the 21st Century Customer

04 June 2010 by Oracle

The idea of the customer as king has become engrained in our way of thinking. This is the case today, more than ever before, as Web 2.0 and social networking technologies are being adopted by organizations and individuals.

For businesses, Web 2.0 is adding another level of complexity to the traditional challenges of reducing costs and increasing profits while building customer loyalty. The extraordinary success of social networking, forums, blogs, tags, wikis, videos and online support is a testament to the public’s insatiable appetite for online communities based around collective interests. Recent polls indicate that consumers overwhelmingly prefer the Internet over more traditional methods of dealing with a business.

This white paper looks at self-service technologies and how, by embracing rather than rejecting them, they can be the golden ticket to more personalized and profitable online experiences for both customers and businesses. Please download this free white paper to find out more.

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  • Self-Service Meets Web 2.0: Serving the 21st Century Customer