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ISA Processing Made Easy With MATS®

09 January 2012 by MatsSoft

The year of 2008 and the years since have proved to be very challenging for ISA providers. The volatility of the financial markets, allied to the government's approach to guaranteeing savings in UK banks and building societies, led to massive, unprecedented and unexpected volumes of ISA transfer activity.

This in turn created large backlogs of ISA cases and ISA transfers, both in and out, for many financial services organisations. The outcome was delays, broken SLA's, complaints and ultimately costly lost interest and compensation payments.

The solution called for a system that could easily scale to cope with these peaks of activity, whilst at the same time providing joined up workflow, customer communications, SLA's, and accurate, real-time management information - namely MATS®.

For more information download the free white paper available from the link below.

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  • ISA Processing Made Easy With MATS®