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The Power of Text Analytics in Customer Experience Programs

05 September 2012 by Confirmit

Today's successful companies have already implemented a customer experience program in one form or another. Some of them might even be considered mature in their approach, meaning they have taken their program beyond the simple listening and measuring phases, to actually responding to customers, taking action, and delivering real insights across the organization. For customer experience professionals, the next challenge is to evolve their program in both depth and breadth, towards true brand-experience differentiation.

In order to achieve this, there is one area which they need to resolve efficiently and systematically: how to deal with unstructured data and analyze text from various sources in a meaningful and measurable way. The exponential rise in the volume of this type of data - whether it is solicited (e.g. survey verbatims) or not (e.g. customer forums, social media sites) - leads to the inevitable conclusion that it can no longer be ignored if companies want to stay on top. Text is, after all, the primary method used for recording thoughts and feelings, and for expressing ideas and reasoning. And more than ever before, customers are finding they have a voice, and that it matters.

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  • The Power of Text Analytics in Customer Experience Programs