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Using the latest tools and infrastructure available, TPThings has built its own SaaS solution: a modular setup providing a turn-key solution built from individual components, with a database that can be securely hosted by us, or in your own datacentre.

The software is aimed at the following:

  • Automation/workflow: automates and controls the creation of intercompany agreements, master- and local files, as well as the review and sign-off of processes.
  • Repeatable modules: manages the actual modular creation of master- and local files, assembly and delivery of data for the master and local files.
  • E-signature/approval: enables parties to securely sign an intercompany agreement.
  • Repository: supports collection of digital agreements.
  • Identify: provides identity proofing for all participants (inside and outside the company).
  • Audit history: full, tamper-proof audit trail of tasks and version control that meets evidentiary standards.
  • Enterprise Administration & Control: enables enterprise provisioning, permissioning, management, and reporting.

Contact us today to see a demonstration of the tool, have a conversation about your vendor selection process, or simply talk about TPThings' functionalities!

Download our whitepaper to find out more or visit our site to discover what else we offer http://www.tythotransferpricing.com/.

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