Intelenet: Customer Service Transformed

This case study examines how Intelenet works with the largest mobile wireless communications provider in the US to drive customer service agenda to a new level.

With more than 50 million subscribers, this client delivers advanced high-quality mobile wireless communications services, voice and data, to businesses and consumers in the US and elsewhere. The success of the operations is based on the clients' ethos of putting the customers first.


To ensure customer satisfaction, the client required a very high level of First-Time Resolution (FTR), minimal escalation and low Average Handing Time (AHT). The service goals included:

  • Providing consistent high and improved levels of customer service
  • Reducing call time to minimise call centre costs
  • Increasing first calls resolution to increase customer retention
  • Cross-selling and up-selling


Intelenet's customised cost-effective solution used state-of-the-art technology with an infrastructure geared for the highest possible security and connectivity. Working with aggressive transition timelines, Intelenet Global Services effectively added 700 FTEs (over eight ramp-ups) to the operations over seven months. All the agents were effectively trained to handle the following types of call:

  • Technical trouble-shooting
  • Account billing and payment
  • Features and account handling
  • Marketing (cross-selling and up-selling)


The following are a few examples of the big gains provided to the client:

100% of all call volumes for the defined product are outsourced to Intelenet Global Services. A consistent (87%) First-Time Resolution (FTR) with less than three per cent escalations has been achieved. The Intelenet Global Services site has been declared the second-best outsourcing site as a result of our excellent performance and quality delivery.

A range of digitised tools has been developed in-house, to create efficiency in various operational areas. The client is looking at implementing the same across all sites. Benefits worth $2m have been passed on to the client through digitisation, using the tools described below.


This is a proprietary tool used to manage billing and account-related calls, which has helped in providing accurate information to the customer at a faster pace. Key impacts of using this tool include:

  • AHT reduced by ten per cent, resulting in a decrease in FTE numbers
  • Bottom-line impact on revenues
  • Increased one-call resolution


The need to have standardised comments to better understand customer trail, lower ACW and improved one call resolution led to the building of this tool in-house. Digital cockpit this tool provides real time year to-date data on all performance metrics by associate / team / all relevant groups. This tool ensures accuracy and enhances management touch time.

  • 25% productivity gains achieved through forecasting and scheduling models developed in-house
  • 20% crunch in process training timelines with all documentation done in-house


Intelenet is a leading BPO service provider with a focus on providing solutions to global organisations seeking to reduce costs while consistently maintaining superior levels of service. Our solutions extend across all strata of BPO, technology and consulting, and can be applied to organisations in industries as diverse as banking and finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications and hospitality.

Two leading global investors - HDFC and Barclays - provide the financial backing Intelenet needs to lead in a global marketplace. HDFC is India's leading financial services conglomerate, while Barclays is a financial services group headquartered in the UK, ranking among the top 10 banks in the world, based on market capitalisation.

At the same time, their combined financial strength provides Intelenet with the ability to remain on the cutting edge of BPO processes while simultaneously maintaining corporate growth and achieving the goals and objectives set forth by our customers.