IBA Group: IT excellence and a history of customer interaction - Sergei Levteev

With a wealth of talented staff, and experience dating back to the first IBM mainframes, IBA Group fosters lasting relationships with its clients, reacting to the latest developments to provide excellent software services,and build its product portfolio.

IBA Group, one of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe, serves clients in more than 40 countries, through offices in ten countries, including the UK, the US and South Africa. The company's traditions go back to the days when the first IBM mainframes came to life. As a result, IBA experts are familiar with different technologies, old and new, and can migrate legacy systems to advanced platforms, enabling its customers to achieve a new level of performance.

Global giants like IBM, Goodyear, Fujitsu Technology Solutions and Rockwell Automation partner with IBA on hundreds of projects. IBM, which has been working with IBA since 1993, has named the company a 'Premier Business Partner' and one of its best-performing suppliers.

IBA Group lays special emphasis on long-term relations with its customers, creating a higher degree of trust and eventually turning a client into a partner.

Well-trained, dedicated staff

IBA employs 2,500 IT professionals who combine creative resourcefulness and technical expertise. Most IBA experts have a university education and are certified by IBM, SAP, SAS, Microsoft and other world IT leaders.

Sergei Levteev, Chairman of IBA Group, says: "Our biggest asset is a large team of talented developers with many years' experience in numerous technologies, computer platforms and vertical industries. They are willing to go the extra mile and are keen to understand the customer's business. Our fundamental belief is that the level of our performance should be so high that clients feel they receive the best value from our services."

The IBA Group's employee turnover is 5-7% a year. Its organisational culture is targeted at making the company a place of work for the best IT professionals.

Levteev argues: "IBA Group has preserved all the best that was accumulated in recent decades, including an excellent staff training system, extensive experience in the implementation of large-scale projects and high-quality standards. We kept doing research, expanding technology expertise, and diversifying our offerings. This resulted in new services, products and solutions."

An eye on the bigger picture

With regard to software services, the company's focus is on mainframe systems, enterprise and mobile applications, SAP solutions, business analytics (BA) and big data.

BA is one of the most dynamic lines of business for IBA. The creation of vast pools of business data gave momentum to the demand for improved business analytics; IBA offers optimised solutions based on proven platforms from IBM, SAP, Oracle and other IT leaders.

Big data is changing the way enterprises organise their IT systems. Organisations are facing pressure to drive value from mining the information they have. IBA Group applies advanced technologies, including Hadoop, Oozie and HBase to integrate disparate data sources and analyse exabytes of data.

Development of mobile applications is another focus area for the company. IBA provides mobility solutions, adding native mobile capabilities to corporate information systems.

IBA also expanded its suite of services by adding SAP Business Suite powered by Hana to the list of its SAP competencies.
In addition to new offerings in the service area, IBA Group has a diversified product portfolio. The automated fare collection (AFC) system developed by IBA is underway in the Minsk public transport. To date, the AFC infrastructure unifies in total 20,000 card validators, paper ticket validators and onboard computers.

IBA Group is very close to Western European clients, figuratively and geographically. The company's centres of excellence are located in Eastern Europe. It has a sound understanding of how Western customers do business, applies advanced management methods, and offers rich IT expertise.

Levteev comments: "Only an IT provider with optimised business processes and a proven history of customer interaction can stay on top of the latest technologies and satisfy the needs of modern organisations. IBA is exactly that."

Sergei Levteev, Chairman of IBA Group.