Inflecto Systems: Bespoke software for all - Andrew Jermy

Inflecto Systems has a proven track record of delivering innovative bespoke software. The company specialises in complex web-based programs and projects that involve systems integration work. Andrew Jermy explains how many companies are finding an edge by moving from commercial off-the-shelf software to bespoke solutions.

In days gone by, businesses may have made a choice of whether to computerise a process or not. Today, almost all businesses will have the majority of their processes computerised, and these systems will impact on the relationships the business has with its customers and suppliers.

Inflecto Systems has been creating bespoke software for clients for nearly a decade, and specialises in creating and managing software solutions that are delivered using modern cloud-based technologies.

Where Inflecto previously used to consult with businesses that were starting with a paper-based process, now it is increasingly working with clients that want to replace monolithic off-the-shelf-software systems with ones tailored to their needs. Often, with dedicated modules for each of their departments - reducing training costs and increasing the efficiency of each staff member.

Of course, no organisation stands still; processes and customers' needs change. This is where the real benefit of Inflecto comes in as it can typically work with a client to go from an idea to a software change in a matter of days. This rapid turnaround allows customers to be more proactive in changing their business processes, which fosters innovation inside the company, allowing them to get that all important edge on their competitors.