Telal Resort: A desert haven in harmony with nature - Michiel Blaauw

When you think of caravans in times gone by traversing the desert and setting up camp at an oasis,what rich images come to mind? Nestled among the dunes of the desert in Remah, UAE, lies Telal Resort, a haven of tranquility that will take you back to the mystical days of nomadic Bedouin tribes, as Michiel Blaauw, general manager, explains.

Prepare to be whisked away to an age when time was told by the shadows of the dunes and location was determined by the patterns of the stars in the inky black sky. In the Remah Desert, UAE, Telal Resort's luxury villas recreate the rich romance of the Bedouin marquees of centuries past.

Each of the private villas is a lavish tent, with rich safari-themed carpets and bespoke handcrafted furniture, custom-made chandeliers and hand-carved baths. As soon as you enter one of the luxury villas, you will know that there is no other place quite like it. Unlike any other experience in the region, the villas at Telal Resort have been designed to transport you to a magical place that is in complete harmony with nature.

Life by lantern light

The luxury villas are available in one and two-bedroom configurations. Each one-bedroom villa has a large living area that opens out onto an expansive lantern-lit lounge-style terrace with a sumptuous fire pit that allows you to gaze out onto the dunes and lush palm trees. Each of the two-bedroom villas features a relaxing outdoor plunge pool, to unwind while overlooking the stunning desert horizon.

Artisan-created ostrich-skin armchairs, deer-skin loungers embellished with buffalo and antelope horns, woven brass chandeliers, bath tubs carved from a single piece of granite, and stunning architectural pieces of petrified wood all combine to make the villas a spectacular work of art. These, combined with uncompromising high standards of service, efficiency and personalised service, make Telal Resort truly a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Guests at the resort will also have access to a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool and luxury spa. Inclusive daily breakfast is available at both of the restaurants, where you can sample traditional Emirati Bedouin fare as well as international gourmet cuisine. The multipurpose meeting and banqueting rooms also cater to corporate functions and events.

History and culture

As well as the stunning resort, on location you will find the Zaman Lawal Cultural Village, where you can witness the rich history of the UAE having a profound influence on the present and future, and through the cultural village, a unique combination of heritage and environmental elements that shaped the national identity are brought to life. For those seeking a stay with a more cultural feel, the suites at Zaman Lawal Cultural Village provide insight into the early life of nomads and overlook uninterrupted views of the desert. Zaman Lawal Cultural Village offers guests a chance to experience an authentic take on the lives of Emirati Bedouins.

The cultural village's wide range of traditional activities focus on an edutainment approach. Zaman Lawal Cultural Village also features a traditional souq with retail shops, a mosque and an Emirati Bedouin farm. Entertaining Saluki (greyhound) dog shows and music, camel riding, horse riding, falconry, traditional cheese making and Arabic coffee making are all available to those staying at either resort, or even for those just to participate in one of the day trip packages.

The resort and the village have been created with an eye towards harmony with nature, just as the traditional Bedouins who once established their camps in the area. Despite being close to the oasis city of Al Ain, Remah is remote and the desert stretches as far as the eye can see. There is a rugged luxury to be found here.

Michiel Blaauw, general manager of Telal Resort.
Staying in lavish tents that evoke traditional Bedouin marquees, Telal Resort guests will have access to a swimming pool, luxury spa and gym.