The future of communications

Can you tell us more about how Ferrari electronic unifies communications for businesses?

Stephan Leschke: Digital transformation has brought businesses greater efficiency. Much has improved since the dawn and proliferation of email, chats and conference calls; however, the diversity of these channels also leads to complexity. Ferrari electronic's goal is to simplify migration, installation and operation, and we have been working on this for more than 25 years with the unified communications (UC) solutions from the OfficeMaster product family.

What are the company's unique selling points?

Ferrari electronic seamlessly integrates telecommunication infrastructure with existing IT. Customers achieve higher efficiency through depth integration, without having to abandon or modify existing systems. Processes are optimised and automated, making the client's operations faster and easier. We also customise products and solutions to meet specific requirements.

The company has decades of experience in merging communications and is a pioneer in the field of computer fax. Our innovative spirit is still evident today, in the fact that we are often one step ahead of the technological trends of the future. As a result, Ferrari electronic offers customers state-of-the-art and future-oriented technologies, too.

How do Ferrari electronic products work with Microsoft Exchange?

We have enjoyed a long-standing technology partnership with Microsoft, and many of our UC solutions are based on its software. Microsoft Exchange, for example, can be used to unify all communication channels: email, telephone, fax, voicemail and SMS. Henceforth, users are no longer forced to switch between applications. Instead, they receive all messages - no matter the format - in their inbox. The IT department also benefits as there is less work to do during installation and maintenance processes. This also applies to all other UC-enabled groupware systems.

Can you outline how Ferrari electronic's solutions integrate with the cloud?

Cloud solutions are flexible, grow rapidly and are up to date with functionality and security. Companies want this technology for their communications infrastructure. In our OfficeMaster Suite software, we have integrated the Office 365 Connector to allow employees to manage fax and voice messages effortlessly in Office 365. The connector is groundbreaking because it does not need simple mail transfer protocol, which makes faxing secure.

How does Ferrari electronic enable call recordings?

Recording telephone calls are useful in many situations and, in some areas, such as the financial sector, they are a legal requirement. Ferrari electronic offers flexible products with a modular system, OfficeMaster CallRecording. It consists of various measuring instruments and powerful recording software.

Telephone calls and data are easily recorded, meeting compliance and legal requirements. Thanks to various real-time functions and a recording-finder, the handling and administration of recordings is made particularly easy. In addition, the solution can be implemented into call collectors across multiple locations. The management of all sites takes place centrally, and the security-sensitive recordings are enhanced with password protection and encrypted storage.

Can you tell us a bit about DirectSIP and what Ferrari electronic has done to break new ground in fax communications?

With DirectSIP, we are taking a further step into the internet protocol (IP) world to determine the communications of the future. The newly developed interface makes it possible to dispense with additional hardware - such as fax cards, media gateways or third-party software - when sending and receiving faxes.

DirectSIP eliminates IP problems that are caused by volatile networks, which is important for future developments.

This system is also a recent example of fax advancement, and it is a feature that is standard in our OfficeMaster Suite 6. With the help of DirectSIP, fax messages can be transmitted directly in the IP world, without using gateways or media breaks. This stabilises fax communication and supports the smooth migration to IP. However, this is only the first step. Faxes can be sent up to 130 times faster over IP when compared with conventional integrated services digital networks. Our software will show its strengths, especially in IP environments.

Imagine all of the advantages of today's email, coupled with the unique selling points of faxing; for example, high -resolution graphics - animated and in 3D - will be transmitted by fax communication, achieving legally watertight, end-to-end and reliable results in the future. This is the next generation of document exchanges and it is powered by Ferrari electronic.