HR Community Debates Value of Employee Engagement at RSM

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

The value of employee engagement was the subject of a lively discussion focusing on the ways in which an engaged workforce can improve leadership and performance while at the same time reducing employee turnover and saving companies a lot of cash.

Hosted by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), the HR networking event was co-presented by Rem Veen, director of human resources at Tele2 and Dr Bill Collins, professor of organisational behaviour and human resources at RSM.

Mr Veen stressed the power of the index in bringing about a change in focus at Tele 2, outlining for the audience of around 60 HR professionals, how a concerted effort on improving leadership capability had not only reduced the level of staff turnover by nearly two thirds over two years, but had also saved the company millions of euros in the process. Working from a basic premise that attention leads to retention, managers at Tele 2 were supported in multiple ways to improve their people management skills with impressive results.

Professor Collins argued that reducing employee turnover can not only save companies money in direct ways, it can actually make money by creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Additionally, he argued that affectively committed employees are unlikely to jump ship, even when offered more money, making this a source of difference that competitors simply cannot copy.

The presentations wrapped up with a lively question and answer session followed by networking drinks.

The executive education and organisational development department (EEOD) at RSM is proud to support the HR community in and around the Netherlands by offering an annual calendar of interesting events.

We also have more planned for the coming months:

  • September 22nd - executive education and organisational development open day
  • October 15th – RSM talent day for corporate recruiters
  • October 29th – HR networking event on new ways of working