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Yucatan, Mexico, is the most important financial, business, academic, cultural, medical, industrial and commercial centre in the south-east of Mexico. As a result of its culture, geography and weather, it offers a high quality of life.

It is the closest and largest economical industrial core between Mexico and the East Coast of the United States of America and a gateway that allows for the smooth supply of goods to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Furthermore, it offers first level infrastructure in terms of highways and ports that offer competitive advantages for companies interested in conquering new markets and it is particularly attractive to invest in under the IMMEX programme, which allows temporary importation that is free of import tax and VAT of goods necessary for use in industrial processes or services to produce, transform or repair foreign goods temporarily imported, for subsequent export or the provision of export services.

Ten reasons to invest in Yucatan

Key reasons for you to consider investing in the state of Yucatan include:

  • Its strategic location in the south-east of Mexico with easy access to the US East Coast, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
  • Access to a stable, skilled and highly professional workforce. More than 20 universities in the state
  • Excellent aerial connections and efficiency in terms of importing / exporting through the port city of Progreso
  • Abundant natural resources and competitive industrial costs (LCR)
  • Unique quality of life
  • Its reputation as the safest state in the country
  • The availability of facilities for establishing new companies
  • Wide coverage in terms of services and industrial infrastructure
  • Access to international markets and export-quality products
  • Attractive incentives offered by the government for the establishment of new businesses and companies

How Yucatan can help your business expand

Nowadays, the state of Yucatan is the best option to install, grow and expand your company and the ideal platform to conquer new markets, including even the most demanding.

Yucatan and the state government, through the Economic Development Secretariat, will see to it that you know and are aware of all the advantages and unlimited opportunities that our region has to offer.

Services offered to the investor

Services investors can expect when they choose to put their time and money into Yucatan include:

  • Support through the entire start-up and relocation process
  • Coordination of tailored business agendas
  • Linkage and interaction with local suppliers and service providers
  • Guidance and assistance in locating employees, property and real estate
  • Building relationships with educative, research and development / academic institutions
  • Guidance and advice on gaining federal, state and municipal permits
  • Advice about public funds and programmes for industrial development
  • Negotiate competitive incentives according with the investment project

Key statistics regarding the Mexican state of Yucatan

  • Location: south-east Mexico
  • Population: 2,022,956
  • Active population (work force): 935,273
  • Average temperature: 28°C
  • Number of companies: 103,319
  • GDP: 15,000 MDD
  • Importations: 2,182MDD
  • Exportations: 1,919 MDD
  • Main export products: jewellery, textiles, furniture, medical devices and seafood

Contact Details

Economic Development Secretariat, Yucatan State Government
59 #514 x 62 y 64 Col. Centro
Contact: Mr Gabriel Magana
Contact: Mr Roberto Berlin
+52 999 9303730 ext. 24008, 24006
+52 999 9303730 ext. 24036, 24035

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