MatsSoft - SaaS Solution That Joins Up Workflow Tracking, Customer Communications and Real Time Reporting

MATS® is a managed SaaS (software as a service) solution that seamlessly links workflow, customer communications, configurable service levels and real-time reporting. This results in immediately lower operating costs, better customer service and instant measurability, all with little or no impact to existing IT systems and a full ROI within 12 months.

SaaS software solution for cost-effective business management

Any business that seeks to have a better dialogue with its customers to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value will benefit from using MATS®. The software is quick and easy to use so organisations can start to see significant benefits straight away. MATS® can be deployed with little or no impact on existing IT systems and minimal user training is needed.

These benefits are not limited to improving customer experience, MATS® users should expect rapid and measurable cost reductions and increased efficiency. These savings give companies a valuable competitive advantage and a rapid ROI, which can often amount to many times the cost of deploying and using MATS®.

With a range of transparent and flexible pricing models, MATS® will deliver cost-effective improvements in the way a business is managed in departments with fewer than 25 users right through to organisations processing millions of cases annually with tens of thousands of users. MATS® can improve your business in these ways:

  • Cut avoidable phone calls by up to 65%: dramatic, immediate cost saving
  • Cut complaints by up to 90%: increased customer life time
  • Accurate reporting in 'real' time: actionable management information
  • Full ROI in less than 12 months: immediate payback
  • Process more work with less resource: reduce cycle times efficiently
  • Quick, easy and cost effective to implement: see the benefits from day one
  • Managed service: IT can address core businesses functions
  • Easy integration: integration is quick and easy, saving users much time
  • Replace inefficient spreadsheets: immediate efficiencies and savings

Customer experience management for organisations

With a rising demand to "do more for less" in all business sectors, organisations are faced with the seemingly impossible task of reducing costs and making efficiencies, whilst simultaneously improving customer communications to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. With MATS® these challenges can be achieved and results can be both dramatic and immediate.

Real-time performance reports for productivity analysis in business

An additional benefit of the MATS® solution is that it generates real-time performance reports, allowing managers to check and analyse productivity at different levels of an organisation, whether an individual team, a department or a regional office. With this type of detailed information to hand, it is possible to identify and resolve blockages in the system, inequitable distribution of workload or under-performing teams.

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