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DBM is a global human capital management services firm. Each year we help more than 7,000 organizations and 250,000 individuals manage difficult and important business and career changes – what we call ‘transitions’. Some of these transitions occur because of whole-organization change; others happen on an ongoing basis as people enter, leave and take on new positions within an organization, or as they manage their careers.


DBM helps organizations implement transformational transitions such as mergers, strategic restructurings, and whole-scale organizational change, with organizational improvement transitions such as consolidations, off-shoring, new process implementations and efficiency improvements, and with capability transitions, such as on-boarding, internal role changes, retirement planning and talent development. We also help organizations plan and implement outplacement programs, which often require multinational coordination and country-specific or local market knowledge for successful implementation.

We help individual clients get the most from their career transitions, including when they join or leave an organization or face new challenges within their current career or job. We also provide university graduates, oftentimes from MBA and Executive MBA programs, with transition services to help secure or advance their business career. Specifically, DBM offers individuals outplacement, transition advice and business coaching.


DBM provides transition management services around the world across industry sectors, in private and public companies, not-for-profits and governments. Some 80% of the Global 500 companies and 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have used DBM services. With the largest global network in the business – 230 offices serving 85 countries – DBM understands local and specific market needs and has the scale and speed of response to act globally when necessary. We utilize a team of consultants, along with the tools, programs, courses, workshops, seminars, and networks that we have established and tested throughout our 38-year history of innovation in the field of transitions.


Every transition is managed through DBM’s application of our proprietary business system, which guides individuals and organizations through detailed transition implementation, offering an accurate assessment of the business context and individuals’ skills and competencies; identifying capabilities that need to be developed; and coaching and connecting individuals, teams and even whole organizations through the process.

We measure and monitor transitions trends and are committed to research-based development of new transition management techniques. Our services are delivered globally, utilizing our extensive network of international coaches and consultants, all of whom have been trained and developed on DBM methodologies and practices:

  • Workforce alignment, to help organizations realize their goals in transformational or organizational improvement transitions
  • Employee on-boarding and role change support to increase the speed and success of transitions within an organization through targeted business coaching
  • Outplacement planning and implementation services, including dedicated career centers and programs for groups and individuals in transition
  • Retirement services to enhance the mutual value of the relationship between organizations and their mature employees, and effectively transfer organizational knowledge from these tenured employees


The overriding objective of everyone at DBM is to help our customers and clients work through the often difficult, complex and disruptive transitions that characterize business and individual careers today, while delivering real, measurable business benefits. We take great pride in making a measurable difference to the business of our client organizations and to the careers and performance of individuals. Our services to individual clients include:

  • Career transition programs to enhance job-seeking speed and effectiveness
  • College-to-career programs to help graduates make the right career choices as they leave college or business school
  • International Center for Executive Options, to support senior executives in deciding on and achieving their next career goals

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