Hivos - Support for Civil Rights, Equality and Democracy in Developing Countries

Together with local organisations in developing countries, Hivos — the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation — strives for a world in which all citizens, both mean and women, have equal access to resources and opportunities for development and can determine their own future. Hivos wants to contribute to a fair, free and sustainable world.

Hivos is a Dutch non-governmental organisation guided by humanist values. Its core values include human dignity and self determination, an aversion to dogmas and totalitarian regimes, and a sense of mutual solidarity. The organisation is committed to poor and marginalised people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It strives for the long-term improvement of their circumstances and particularly the empowerment of women.

Alleviation of poverty, civil society building and sustainable economic development

The work of Hivos aims at structurally alleviating poverty, with an emphasis on civil society building and on sustainable economic development. The efforts of Hivos are focused on nine themes: financial services and business development; sustainable production; human rights and democratisation; HIV/AIDS; gender, women and development; art and culture; ICT and media; advocacy and communication; and the knowledge programme.

Support for civil societies in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Joining forces and pooling resources is crucial to achieve the objectives of Hivos. The organisation supports over 800 partner organisations in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America through financial means and institutional support as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience.

In addition, Hivos works with a number of organisations, companies and governments in the Netherlands and Europe, and belongs to various national and international networks. Hivos also conducts advocacy activities itself in the Netherlands, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Clean, sustainable energy investment for developing countries

Through the Hivos Climate Fund, Hivos intends to provide easier access to clean, sustainable energy for the poor and marginalised. Access to energy is an important condition for more prosperity. The fund invests in a wide range of projects including highly economical wood furnaces, small-scale water power plants and biogas installations.

Hivos opts for green development, which means clean and affordable solutions that do not burden the environment and structurally help men and women in developing countries forward. The Hivos Climate Fund was founded to give Dutch individuals and organisations the opportunity to compensate for their CO2 output through green investments. This Climate Fund does not invest in trees but in practical energy projects in developing countries.

Sustainable energy investment for developing countries

Rich countries consume large quantities of fossil fuels, which makes them responsible for the climate change across the world. People in developing countries are largely affected by this. Hivos therefore encourages a transition to renewable energy and invests in sustainable energy in developing countries.

Emancipation and support for the LGBT community

Hivos supports partner organisations in sexual minorities' struggle for social acceptance, the freedom to express sexual identity, counteracting homophobia and scrapping anti-gay laws.

Support for microfinance institutions

Hivos supports microfinance institutions, providing millions of people in developing countries with the ability to earn their own livings.

Business development support for developing countries

By offering training and advice we contribute to increasing employment in developing countries by encouraging professional entrepreneurship.

Sustainable-production support for small producers

Hivos supports partner organisations and small producers who use natural resources in a responsible way, by providing better access to markets to improve incomes.

Support for human rights campaigners in developing countries

Hivos works to bring about fair and equal societies by supporting organisations in developing countries in their fight to further democracy.

HIV/AIDS support for developing countries

Hivos champions the rights of people with HIV/AIDS and breaks taboos surrounding HIV/AIDS and sexuality. Hivos' partner organisations focus their efforts on prevention and empowerment, stimulating free expression of sexuality, access to medicines, effective national AIDS policies and compliance with international treaties.

Support for independent cultural initiatives

Hivos supports independent and innovative cultural initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America that inspire people, stimulate creativity and create possibilities for dialogue.

Empowerment of women in developing countries

Hivos supports organisations that champion the rights of women and strive to increase participation by women in decision-making processes.

ICT support for developing countries

Hivos promotes the strategic use of ICT by providing training and financial assistance. The Hivos media programme also serves to give a voice to critical and alternative views from society.

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