Bluecube Technology Solutions - ISO Accredited Firm Helping Businesses Gain a Competitive Advantage

Bluecube helps businesses gain a competitive advantage through the effective use of technology.

Whether it is a cloud solution, IT support, business continuity / disaster recovery, hosting, managed services or back-up, Bluecube has the answer.

With the knowledge that it is people, not just the technology itself, which can help you gain an advantage, at Bluecube we are proud to invest in our team and their commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

As an ISO accredited company for information security and quality management you can be reassured not only of our robustness but also by our focus on providing you with the best solution for your business.

Control costs and increase efficiency with cloud computing

Cloud computing provides access to your applications and data from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Increasingly, businesses are switching to 'the cloud' as it allows them to control and cut costs, simplify IT administration, improve service levels, support flexible working and enhance business efficiency, agility and processes.

Other benefits include security. With a one in 25 chance of having your laptop stolen, broken or destroyed every year, combined with the fact that 50% of critical corporate data is stored unprotected on desktops and laptops, then you have a recipe for disaster.

Bluecube can provide the peace of mind of a fully managed, secure service for a fixed monthly fee.

Comprehensive IT support for prevention and cure

Experience shows that there is little that can stop a business in its tracks faster than an IT problem.

At Bluecube, not only do we have excellent response times, with an average of four minutes for an engineer to telephone a client once they have logged a call, but we also have an excellent first contact resolution rate measured against industry standards.

With proactive monitoring, by closely observing hardware and utilising trend analysis, we are able to identify potential issues before they occur and prevent them.

Business continuity plans protect critical data

Business continuity puts safeguards in place to keep your company functioning when confronted with a crisis situation.

With 80% of small and medium businesses estimated to close permanently within 18 months of a disaster, many fail to appreciate the importance of having a business continuity plan until it is too late.

So if you are looking to put a business continuity plan in place, Bluecube offers a range of solutions to protect critical data up to the highest security level of Tier 4, and ensure it is instantly accessible from any location over the internet.

For further information on the range of options available and an assessment of the most appropriate solutions for your business, arrange a free consultation with one of our business continuity experts.

Managed services - the secret of business growth

The term 'managed service' is used when the day-to-day management responsibility for the delivery of a complete service is passed to us at Bluecube.

IT support, data backups, monitoring and updating hardware, software upgrades, server hosting and server patching are all examples of the type of functions Bluecube takes care of when managing a service.

Companies choose managed services for a variety of reasons.

Some find they are struggling to look after the various requirements of their IT system and want an external company to do the job for them, whose resources and expertise exceed their own.

For others, dealing with IT issues takes up time that could be more productively spent elsewhere. When a business is expanding and its existing infrastructure is insufficient to meet the requirements of increasing employee numbers, managed services can provide the ideal solution.

Many are also tired of high IT costs that are impossible to predict. By outsourcing their IT, or a function within it, clients can reduce their overall expenditure, budget effectively for a known monthly cost and free up capital for investment in other areas.

Remote data backup services

Data backups are an essential element of any IT function. Remote backups involve the encryption and transfer of all your valuable data over the internet to a safe location within our data centre.

The impact on your business if you were to lose all, or even just some, of your data is almost unthinkable. Up to 60% of businesses do not survive beyond six months when it does happen and those who do face a huge cost.

Replacing just 20MB of lost accounting data is estimated to take 21 days and cost £12,000.

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