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EF Education First has been at the forefront of language training since 1965. EF Efekta™ (EF's cloud-based learning environment) and EF Executive Language schools are trusted by more than 1,500 companies and government institutions, along with 15 million students worldwide. Why? Because we have proven time and again that they generate real results.

We specialize in Strategic English - a rigorous, systematic approach to the kind of English business people need, delivered through trackable programs that prove ROI. In fact, we are so confident that our language training will help deliver your goals that we guarantee it, and are the only provider to do so.

Our task-based, communicative learning approach - the EF Method™ - combines the best of customized classroom learning with our next-generation online learning environment to deliver faster progress than any other method.

EF Efekta™

EF Efekta™ is the world's most advanced cloud-based language learning environment, combining highly engaging, task-based content, teacher-led conversation classes and personal coaching. It's the most efficient, effective and flexible way to improve the English proficiency of your entire organisation.

There are three levels to suit all needs; Efekta Private is best for urgent language training needs as it includes 24 one-to-one lessons for accelerated learning; Efekta Premium, is recommended for prioritized language needs, this includes unlimited access to virtual, teacher-led conversation classes; and Efekta Basic is for everyone else, with access to self-study content only.

EF Efekta™ offers:

• Teacher-led conversation classes every hour, every day
• Private one-to-one tuition
• Oral and written evaluations by qualified teachers
• More than 2,000 hours of multimedia content - including business content for specific industries
• Program reporting tools to monitor progress and track ROI
• Advanced speech recognition tools to improve pronunciation and promote confident communication

EF Executive Language Schools

The fastest way to improve your language skills is to immerse yourself in the country and culture that speaks it. That's why our personalized, residential programs take executives further in less time than any other learning method.

EF Executive Language Schools deliver an executive-class service, with great locations, top-class facilities, the best teachers, an executive peer group and carefully chosen accommodation. That's why so many senior professionals from the world's most successful companies come to EF.

Due to the ubiquity of English in the international business world, our most popular destinations are:

Boston, USA: Learn English next door to Harvard University, in our ultra-modern building on the banks of the Charles River.

Cambridge, England: Learn English in a lovely Tudor-style building in beautiful, historic Cambridge.

We also offer immersion language courses in Paris, Munich, Rome, Madrid, and Beijing.

The EF Method™

Learning works best when it is aligned with learners' specific needs and learning preference styles. This is the principle behind the EF Method™ , EF's proprietary task-based training approach, which integrates the best of classroom learning with our next-generation online learning environment. It delivers customized learning programs that match your learners' goals and your organization's budget by combining:

• A focus on communication - Communicative language teaching to accelerate language acquisition.
• Real teachers - Unlimited access to virtual conversation classes hosted by real teachers.
• Flexible paths - Learners create their own learning path based on their goals and preferred way to learn.
• Task-based progression - Progress is made via a series of business-relevant tasks so learners can immediately apply their knowledge to their job.
• Tuned relevance - Content matches the skills each learner most needs to address and often the specific vocabulary of their industry.
• Managed motivation - Coaches keep learners engaged and encourage progress through regular calls.

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