Contributor: Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall, CEO, Global Integration

Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall is CEO of Global Integration and author of Speed Lead: Faster, Simpler Ways to Manage People, Projects and Teams in Complex Companies.

As an experienced corporate line manager, he spent 14 years leading teams in manufacturing operations, HR, and strategic and market planning in the telecoms and FMCG sectors. He has lived in the UK and France and worked around the world. As an entrepreneur, he has founded companies in both Europe and the USA.

As a CEO, he has built Global Integration, a group of companies based in Europe and the USA and operating worldwide. Global Integration specialises in 'speeding up complex companies' and has worked with more than 200 of the world's leading companies in more than 40 countries and trained over 40,000 people.

Kevan manages his own complex organisation and has clients and suppliers around the world. He is also a board member at Medick Healthcare.

Kevan's challenging but practical ideas and tools have enabled organisations to deliver results faster, reduce the cost of unnecessary cooperation and improve job satisfaction.

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