Contributor: Richard Scase

Richard Scase, Academic,

Richard Scase

Richard Scase is an academic, author and entrepreneur. He has been involved in the setting up of three businesses alongside his job as a full-time academic.

He has written 23 books in total, including Britain in 2010 (2000) and Living in the Corporate Zoo (2003). Global Remix, published by Kogan Page (2006) is his latest book.

He has also written numerous articles that have appeared in newspapers, magazines and popular journals. He is a frequent contributor to national and regional radio and TV programmes. He gives corporate presentations around the world to major blue chip companies and acts as an advisor to governments. He is exclusively represented by Speakers for Business.

The Global Remix
Companies are being forced to rethink and restructure their operations and become globally integrated enterprises. Richard Scase explains how this will affect workers and employers...