Contributor: Rob Edmonds

Rob Edmonds, Managing Director, Altimus: Higher Business Intelligence

Rob Edmonds

Graduating with a BSc in Electronic Engineering and an MSc in Microwave Communications from University College London, Rob Edmonds went on to work on the EC ESPRIT project for developing solutions via a prototyping model. His subsequent paper was presented to the DTI.

After joining global engineering and manufacturing corporation, ITT, in 1988 he ascended the ranks to become director responsible for Europe and Asia. It was during his time in this role that he implemented the first business intelligence solution for ITT in 1992 when the concept was still largely unknown.

In 1996, frustrated by the off-the-shelf BI solutions that had appeared and all too aware that effective BI is a tailored process, Rob formed IMS, a business intelligence consultancy soon to become Altimus: Higher Business Intelligence. Designed to be more than a software solution or a strategic consultancy, Altimus works alongside companies in order to understand fully their business needs and help to interpret the previously unmanageable amounts of information trapped inside their organisation.

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