Contributor: Tom Nies

Tom Nies, CEO, Cincom

Tom Nies

Tom Nies is the longest active-serving CEO in the computer industry, recognised with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as one of the 'pioneers of the software industry' by the Smithsonian Institute. Cincom has generated over $100 million in revenue for 20 straight years, a feat unparalleled except for one other in the software publishing industry - Microsoft. Tom has been named Best International Executive, along with the CEO of Adobe, at the 2005 Stevie Awards, and has been inducted into Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame in 2004.

About Cincom Systems

Cincom is an international, privately held company created in Cincinnati in 1968, with the European division opening in 1972. With over 800 people and 5000 customers worldwide, Cincom is ranked amongst the top 50 software editors in the world and has a correspondingly strong financial position. It specialises in providing software, services, and hosting to help simplify and manage complex business processes. The main sectors in which Cincom operates today are financial services, manufacturing, and the service industry.

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