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2012 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report

17 December 2012 by Great-Idea Business Resources Company

In view of the current complicated international and domestic situation, as well as the challenging work tasks in 2011, the city took scientific development as its main theme and focus for adjusting its economic structures.

Efforts were put in place to enrich people and increase the city's competitiveness and social harmony. The targets that were set in the sixth session of the city's 11th People's Congress have been achieved, which kicked off a good start for the city's twelfth five-year plan.

During the next five years, the city will push ahead with its urban-rural integration and urban internationalisation, and fully implement its six development strategies - prioritising the well-being of citizens, emphasising environmental protection, strengthening its innovative power, supporting its real economies, boosting its cultural industries and upholding its open-up policy.

Efforts will be made to ensure its economy becomes more developed, its cultural activities more prosperous, its society more harmonious, life happier and the city itself more energetic.

The white paper focuses on a number of specific areas in detail, in order to outline how the city has been performing in recent years and hopes to perform in the future, including economic growth, its industrial structure, the balance between urban-rural development and development targets for the 12th five-year plan (2012 - 2016).

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