EurAviation: No Plane, No Gain - Enrico Galigani

Despite diminished luxury budgets, top-level business executives continue to demand faultless service. Commander Enrico Galigani of Italian private jet provider EurAviation tells CEO why a client is not just seen as a customer, but as a partner of the company.

Milan-based luxury airline EurAviation operates an extensive fleet of jets and helicopters, and has aircrafts ranging from a light Cessna CitationJet to the ultra long-range Gulfstream G550. With airports and commercial offices situated in cities including Florence, New York and Moscow, the high-end provider is able to offer short-, medium- and long-range flights to and from any destination.

For Commander Enrico Galigani, CEO of EurAviation, it is the service offered by his airline that sets it apart from its competitors. "Businessmen using private executive jets want their aircraft to be ready to leave at any point; they don’t have time to wait," he notes. "In comparison with standard travel, we offer an increase in comfort, punctuality and service."

From food and beverages to ground staff and the reservation process, high quality is guaranteed. Multilingual airline employees are able to assist any passenger at any time, while attention to detail within the aircraft is minute.

"All private executive jets are similar, of course, but we try to offer a service that is a level above other providers," Galigani remarks. "From the moment the passenger leaves the office, we offer a dedicated service including a car, personal assistance and any special requests specific to the customer. We manage everything."

"Every day more people are interested in this service and we estimate a 6-7% growth in business per annum over the next three to four years."

EurAviation offers the Flight Support Service, through which experienced staff recommend the ideal aircraft for each client. "For the past few years we have been working with the most important business people in Italy, so we are familiar with special requests," Galigani adds.

The Italian airline’s promise extends beyond the flight itself to special offers and events, including yacht excursions and motorsport experiences, which can be arranged upon request. "The yacht service is our most popular service during the summer, but in other periods special events such as Formula 1 test driving or superbiking are the most requested," Galigani notes.

Following a slow period for luxury travel throughout the economic downturn, Galigani has noticed an increased inclination towards private executive travel during recent months. "Interest in luxury travel is returning, but people are spending a little less money and still want excellent service," he says, emphasising that EurAviation can cater to the needs of such customers.

"For companies with a reduced budget, we can offer small jets such as the CitationJet. They can then have the same service they had previously but at a considerably reduced cost."

Although the provider’s light jets are the most popular, EurAviation also offers mid-size, large and ultra long-range aircrafts, including the Dassault Falcon 2000EX, which comfortably seats 12 passengers, and the Cessna Citation 560 Excel and Bombardier LearJet 60, a medium-sized business jet with a spacious nine-seater cabin. The Gulfstream G550 is capable of covering distances up to 12,000km and seats 16 passengers.

Flying high

Thanks to a team made up of highly experienced pilots, technicians and engineers, EurAviation understands what makes a great flight. "I’ve been a pilot for 20 years, and now I manage my company and continue to fly with other airlines," Galigani notes. "This is very important because it gives me a chance to observe both sides of the luxury travel experience, behind the desk and in the field."

And, with such wide-ranging experience, the CEO is perhaps better placed than many to comment on the future of the industry. "There is a good chance that we will see an increase in luxury travel, particularly in Italy," he says. "Every day more people are interested in this service and we estimate a 6-7% growth in business per annum over the next three to four years." 

EurAviation is certainly well-placed to capitalise on this growing trend. The company’s commitment to quality, something which is consistently demanded by high-level executives worldwide, ensures this. "We manage our clients not simply as clients," Galigani concludes. "We see them as partners of our business."