Aegis and ALI Solutions Partner for Collections Excellence

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 by Aegis

Aegis, a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider and part of the Essar group, and ALI Solutions, a leading provider of intelligent decision automation solutions, today announced an integrated collections solution. The solution consists of Aegis' unique BPO collections model integrated with ALI's predictive and analytical modeling capabilities.

Sandip Sen, president - Americas and chief marketing officer, Aegis, said, "As a global player with more than 50,000 employees across 12 countries, Aegis is committed to providing our clients with right-shoring solutions that enable them to enhance the end-user experience."

Added Shouvanik Chatterjee, head of collections and portfolio management, Aegis, "Our 5-step model enables clients to substantially improve dollars collected and reduce lagged flow rates. ALI’s analytics and software fit perfectly with our model and enhance our ability to manage consumer debt portfolios."

Integrating ALI's software improves Aegis collectors' productivity by finding better times and ways to reach customers through segmentation and scoring, prioritising calls by value, and identifying accounts with better propensities to pay. As a result, this combined solution provides clients with new capabilities to better manage delinquency levels in their portfolios and losses arising from charge-off. Finally, Aegis will host ALI's software, which will save clients considerable capital and operating expense with minimal impact to legacy IT systems.

According to Tom Miller, president and CEO, ALI, "Integrating ALI with Aegis makes collections excellence easier to achieve. Collections' role in financial institutions has expanded to increase revenue and provide an institution's face to the customer, but compliance and IT concerns have created challenges. Aegis' collections expertise can meet those challenges and help accelerate performance improvements."

ALI and Aegis have deep domain knowledge and many satisfied clients in financial services. As financial institutions seek to expand their customer relationships, including among clients who suffered financial setbacks, the strategies of both companies recognise collections’ vital role in the customer lifecycle.