EDS, an HP Company, Expands Contact Center Managed Services to Include Multivendor Management Capabilities

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 by EDS

EDS, an HP company, today announced the expansion of its contact center managed services to include features that integrate people, processes and technology, enabling clients to manage multiple vendors and improve the customer experience.

The multivendor management (MVM) capabilities, an expansion of the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) services, provide a framework for successfully governing multiple service providers in complex contact center environments. By addressing the challenges companies face when delivering a consistent customer experience across multiple locations, business or product groups, and contact center service providers, MVM can reduce costs, improve revenue, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately deliver a consistent customer experience.

As part of the MVM capability, EDS has collaborated with Alpine Access and LiveOps to allow for the use of home-based agents. The home-based agent offerings allow clients to add talented and economical work-at-home customer service agents to their contact center environment – offering potential savings comparable to those from offshore agents – within EDS’ single governance model.

By providing clients with an integrated view of the customer interaction environment and the customer experience rather than a simple hosted platform, EDS ensures best practices and consistent customer service across all agents, regardless of their location or which vendor they are associated with.

"Customers today are looking for innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention," said Sean Finnan, global vice president of CRM services, EDS, an HP company. "As our clients’ business ally, EDS is uniquely skilled to enable large companies to effectively manage their multivendor environment while growing their business and reducing costs."

Multivendor management offerings from EDS

EDS’ MVM model offers clients first-time problem resolution, a satisfying customer experience and continuous process improvement and innovation. The primary components of EDS’ MVM capability are:

  • Client governance – Includes strategic focus on the customer experience, alignment with the client’s business objectives and overall governance, which includes service delivery, contracts and performance for each geographic region served
  • MVM operations – Ensures delivery to meet requirements, consistent reporting and continuous improvement across the network of service providers and in-house contact centers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Service provider management – Day-to-day operational management and execution of the strategy of the contact center environment by the service providers and the company’s in-house contact centers
  • Technology management – Centralized management and delivery of the contact center technologies, including orchestration of telephony, applications, data and infrastructure to enable a virtual contact center environment

This CRM management approach is based on standards from Customer Operations Performance Center, a leading global authority on customer contact center and vendor management operations.

"Many providers offer CRM services, but EDS continues to offer high-value features that give clients an unmatched ability to manage end-to-end customer sales," said Michael DeSalles, strategic analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "With EDS’ CRM expertise in 29 industry segments, the technology services company is poised to solidify its leadership position with its complex integration expertise."

At EDS, more than 26,000 contact center professionals deliver CRM services in 48 languages on behalf of more than 450 clients from 155 locations in 26 countries.