CDS Global Announces Prospect Insights, Data-Driven Consumer Acquisition and Predictive Modelling Solution

Thursday, April 04, 2013 by CDS Global

CDS Global, a leader in end-to-end business process outsourcing, has announced the launch of its consumer data acquisition solution, Prospect Insights. This prospect database and consulting solution harnesses basic demographic information, lifestyle and interest attributes, email addresses and response propensity metrics from more than 220 million US consumers to provide acquisition lists, customer profiling and predictive modelling and scoring capabilities.

"CDS Global is in a unique position in the customer data marketplace to offer a solution such as Prospect Insights due to its proven experience in managing a database of 150 million subscribers for nearly 60% of the US consumer magazine industry - and to a growing number of nonprofit organizations," said Charlie Swift, vice president of marketing analysis and operations at Hearst Magazines.

"Understanding who our loyal customers are is critical. That CDS Global can leverage its understanding and provide actionable data back to its clients means greater efficiency and stronger customer relationships."

Prospect Insights enables consumer marketing professionals to effectively use marketing dollars by targeting the right prospects the first time, which drives higher response rates and protects brand identity by segmenting out unintended audiences.

"CDS Global brings 40 years of experience managing the consumer relationships of leading brands across many industries," said Kristin Runyan, chief product officer at CDS Global. "We have the unique ability to provide a clear view of a brand's customer base by employing a technology solution that delivers efficiency and value. We understand our clients' customers and can help brands maximize their data by identifying prospects who are the most probable to respond to an offer, ultimately increasing their ROI and protecting their brand integrity."

As a full-service prospect acquisition solution, Prospect Insights encompasses three offerings that enable marketers to more specifically define prospective customers who are most likely to engage with their brand and purchase.