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The canton of Aargau offers an unbeatable package: a liberal economic system, political stability, a high-quality of life and lower property prices and taxes.

The canton also offers a high-quality education system and an outstanding infrastructure.

So it is not surprising that Standard & Poor's rates Aargau with AAA - the best rating for business locations.

Swiss high-tech region Aargau

Aargau, as a leading destination for high-tech companies, has a long-lasting tradition in cutting-edge technology.

It is a hot-spot for several industries, such as medical, energy and plastics technology, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering and ICT.

Due to the proximity to renowned research institutions, such as the University of Zurich (ETH), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), companies are certain to find strong R&D partners.

So it is no wonder that Aargau has twice as many employees in the field of R&D than the Swiss average.

High-tech expertise guaranteed

Lots of young talent for the high-tech industries is provided by the strong education system in the canton.

They are known for their thorough professional training, international experience, high motivation and loyalty.

In addition, most of them speak several languages - a great advantage when doing international business.

All of this combines to generate high productivity.

Best conditions for business success

Located in Switzerland's strongest economic region, within easy reach of the international airports in Zurich, Geneva and Basel, companies benefit from short distances to partners and customers.

The invincible combination of high-tech know-how and traffic infrastructure takes businesses to the next level.

Aargau Services - we pave the way

The Economic Promotion Department of the canton of Aargau - Aargau Services - provides support to companies in Aargau, advises start-up entrepreneurs and assists foreign companies in establishing their business in Aargau.

Our free services for your success include:

  • Answering business and location questions
  • Support through the entire start-up and relocation process (answering questions about tax and labour law, legal forms, work permits, social security etc)
  • Advice about public funds in Aargau
  • Assistance in finding employees, property or real estate
  • Networking with companies, business associations, research institutes and authorities.

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