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CustVox® offers customer experience management (CEM) solutions that aid businesses in extracting the most value from their customer feedback. The solutions of CustVox can be swiftly deployed across the enterprise, and operated with minimal training.

CustVox has been the driving force behind the adoption of CEM by numerous international corporations, delivering astute business insights that add significant value to their business. Using its industry knowledge, service offering and technological expertise, CustVox offers solutions to help clients around the world to:

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Reduce customer churn and associated costs
  • Discover and exploit new revenue streams
  • Evolve more customer-centric business processes

Unifying customer feedback and analysis

CustVox offers organisations a solution to unify stovepipe approaches to collecting and analysing previously isolated customer feedback. Coupled with robust analytical capabilities, the solution enables organisations to track a customer's journey across channels, perform trend analysis, sentiment analysis, root cause analysis and much more. Organisations begin to see a clear picture of their customers by maintaining a centralised repository of channel identities, customer demographics, and organisational characteristics, as well as respondent history. Automated actions will resemble workflow-controlled case management, providing an audit worthy approach to acting on customer insight.

Modular cloud-based SasS solution for customer communication

Committed to always delivering innovative, market-leading technologies and analytics developed by its strong research and development team, CustVox offers an entirely scalable, modular cloud-based SaaS solution, which supports large B2B and B2C organisations to gather high-quality customer feedback. This also allows the ability to disseminate relevant information to the right person at the right time, on the right channel in real time.

CEM consulting expertise

Our CEM due diligence allows the enterprise to measure its current CEM position. By undertaking a CEM due diligence study, the business can instantly understand the current customer sentiment, and define a starting point for further CEM initiatives.

CustVox can:

  • Assess the current CEM position of the business across all dimensions
  • Undertake initial evaluation of customer sentiment based on a solid customer feedback analysis, to understand current customer needs and issues
  • Understand the full 360-degree view of the current CEM position and discern customer service shortfalls
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver the full CEM potential of the enterprise

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Applied Customer Experience Management in the Telecommunications Industry 28 May 2012 Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a vital part of modern business. This is especially true in highly competitive markets such as the telecommunications industry. Businesses operating in the telecommunications marketplace can no longer afford to overlook CEM.


Modern CFM: How to Gain Business Benefits from Customer Feedback 28 May 2012 Customer Feedback Management (CFM) is the core component of any customer-centric business strategy aiming to improve customer experiences. The purpose of CFM is to understand what kind of experiences customers have with the company and to use this understanding to improve the experiences.


A Framework for Implementing CEM 28 May 2012 Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a customer-centric business management tool. Interest in managing the customer experience has increased as research directly connected medium and long term business profitability to levelsand dimensions of customer satisfaction. CEM provides businesses with a tool to systematically measure and improve customer satisfaction by using the customer perspective as a driver for internal business improvement.


The Customer Experience Management Business Case 28 May 2012 The age of the socially enabled customer is upon us, it has been for some time. Giving the customer voice is now seen as a proven way to build loyalty and extend the reach of the brand. CEM (customer experience management) is the driving force behind this new way in which businesses can reap the benefits offered by empowering the customer.

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