Big Data Mining Application CustVox Word Miner™ Successfully Using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Saturday, January 28, 2012 by CustVox

Big data is an infinitely valuable source of unstructured information, yet one which is intrinsically difficult to utilize and act upon efficiently, if at all. The problem is compounded by the ever-increasing volume and complexity of big data from multiple sources accrued by the enterprise.

CustVox®, a leader in SaaS Cloud base solutions to manage the Customer Experience and Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics, has implemented a major augmentation of its cloud based text mining application CustVox Word Miner™. A powerful tool able to process and analyze big data, in real time, across a full range of customer touchpoints including voice and text messaging, email, social networking comments and gathered customer feedback.

Incorporating more than twenty algorithms, which act upon data in an intelligent and predictive fashion, CustVox Word Miner™ is able to deliver valuable business intelligence, extracted from multiple raw streams of unstructured data by applying the CustVox Natural Language Process (NLP). The proprietary NLP feature is able to mine data in more than 20 languages, making it the premier big data-mining tool for international corporations.

This synergy of an industry leading data mining application able to analyze big data in real time and a secure, scalable, stable and robust cloud computing environment makes CustVox® a very attractive CEM option for large enterprises, which are concerned over the level of investment required to deploy a full in-house solution, or simply seeking the very best way in which to extract value from big data regardless of cost. This new service offering from CustVox® delivers value at both ends of the spectrum, both reduced implementation cost and greater performance and is the only means of extracting valuable, actionable insights regarding customer demands, trends and behavior from this untapped wellspring of potentially valuable information currently available.